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‘Ello, ‘ello!

Welcome to Monique Inc., a corner of the internet where you’ll find all things fitness and lifestyle.

I’m Monique- a qualified Personal Trainer, Law/International Studies student, writer, blogger (no kidding), Youtuber, rugby player and sports addict- but you can call me your fairy godmother, or your ride or die, or your go-to for those sentiments you’ve been having but you couldn’t quite put into words…


I began Monique Inc. in 2019 after finally finding my voice and my passion. Realising there weren’t many (if any) blogs dedicated to fitness (which didn’t promote unsustainable weight loss methods or were only targeting the female demographic), I came to the conclusion that this was my chance to mix it up a bit. This blog is for guys and gals alike- an accessible part of the internet where you can learn the ins and outs of fitness in an informed yet engaging way that doesn’t make you feel like you’re being lectured by a university professor. There’ll be content for beginners and for those looking for more advanced information that goes more sports specific. On top of that, I incorporate a lot of lifestyle and wellness content, with the aim to inspire every single one of you to become the best version of themselves and help you realise that you have the power to create your reality.

So without further ado, have a bit of a look around. Learn a bit, laugh a bit and most of all, take something away from at least one thing you read. While you’re at it, make sure you give me a follow on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest!

And once again, welcome to Monique Inc.- your new favourite Internet destination for all things fitness and lifestyle!


For all collaborations, media and general enquiries, you can contact me through